Squeeze Commander – Android SqueezeBox Remote

QRCode for SqueezeCommander SqueezeCommander is the perfect Android Application to remote control Logitech/SlimDevices SqueezeBoxes via you mobile phone.

SqueezeCommander is available in Google's Android Market for 6.99 € 2.99€: Direct Link for your mobile

Try it now without risk! (You can give back all Android Market Apps within 15mins and if it does not work for you, I'll also give you a refund after the 15mins!)

At the moment, there's a limited offer to buy SqueezeCommander for 2.99 € instead of 6.99 €.

You can also get it on SlideME.org: https://slideme.org/application/squeeze-commander

If you like it, please give me a good rating. If you've found a bug, please report it. I'll do my best to fix it as soon as possible!

Please visit the Wiki for the documentation.

Altough SqueezeCommander is a young project, it should be mature enough for the daily work with your SqueezeBoxes.

You can find some customer reviews and comments in my blog.

It's tested with and optimized for SqueezeBoxSever (formerly SqueezeCenter (formerly SlimServer)) :-) 7.5 - 7.7, but SBS 7.3 - 7.4 should also work.

I hope you like it. Have fun!
Christian aka flattermann [visit my blog]

Key Features


Automatic Server Discovery

When you start SqueezeCommander it searches for SqueezeBoxServers in your local network and automatically establishes a connection to the first available server.

If the auto-discovery fails, you can of course also enter a server manually.

Support for password protected SqueezeBoxServers

SqueezCommander supports password protected SqueezeBoxServers to improve security.

Now Playing screen with Artwork

If you are connected to a Server and a Player, you will be redirected to the Now Playing screen. This screen is the main view of SqueezeCommander. It shows informations about the current song and the artwork if available.

Fast incremental library browse

SqueezeCommander is created with large music libraries in mind. It uses a fast incremental library search, that should not slow down or block the User Interface while browsing your library.

Furthermore, all library lists show a "FastScroll" area on the right to scroll very fast through long lists (instead of "flinging" the screen many, many times).

Fast library search

You can search your library by Artist, by Album, by Track and so on. For large Libraries, that would be hard work for your little mobile, therefore SqueezeCommander delegates this task to the SqueezeBoxServer for a pretty fast library search.

Music download to SD card

Never leave your home without music!

You can now select single tracks, whole albums or even whole artists and download them to your mobile's SD card. After the download, they'll show up in your favorite Android music player app.

Internet radio browse

You can browse through all radio stations around the world picked by the SqueezBox staff.

Of course, you can also enter a custom Radio URL.

Multi-Player and Multi-Server support

SqueezCommander supports multiple player and multiple servers.

The servers can be arranged in Sync Groups to play the same songs. You can switch a player (or a complete Sync Group) to another server or to MySqueezeBox.com. [Inspired by iPeng :-)]

MySqueezeBox.com support

You can switch your players to MySqueezeBox.com and control them independently from your local SqueezeBoxServer. So you don't need to have your Server powered up 24/7 but you can still listen to your favourite Internet Radio.

SqueezeBox Apps support

SqueezeCommander now also support the new SqueezeBox Apps. You can e.g. browse Music on Last.fm, Internet radio on Deezer or photos on Flickr.

Auto mute on calls

SqueezeCommander can automatically lower the volume or pause the playback of your SqueezeBox when you receive an incoming call.

Active development

This is a very active project, so if you've found a bug or want to make a request for enhancement, please open a ticket in our Bug Tracker.

I'm eager to squeeze existing bugs and implement new features, so please take the chance and open a ticket. :-)

About Logitech SqueezeBoxes

If you don't know the Logitech SqueezeBox family, please visit http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com. I've purchased several of them over the last years, and in my opinion, they are the perfect Music Server solution!

The server is written in Perl and available under an OpenSource license.